Codigos e Cheats de Spore

Tragos uns codigos em Ingles espero que gostem
Spore Cheats
Posted by TurboDuring Spore game play hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and a console will appear. Enter any of the following Spore cheat codes.moreMoney – Mo money, mo money, mo money! Good for when your in Space or Civilization stages.refillMotives – Replenish your health along with other motives.

unlockSuperWeapons – Super Weapons are unlocked with this cheat code.

addDNA – Get 150 DNA points.

freeCam – Toggle a Free Cam around.

capturePlanetGIF – Captures and saves a spinning image of your planet which is then saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory.

antiAliasGIF – Captures and saves spinning GIF of the planet you are on and deumps to AnimatedAvatars directory

SetTime – Setting the time for your Avatar’s position, and can also be a speed multiplier.

Killallhints – Gets rid of all hints.

freedom[on / off] – Toggles, disables (on) or re-enables (off) editor complexity limits. Creations that break the limits will not be pollinated!

help – List of commands (cheats).

help -full – More detailed description of commands.

option – Option list.

prop – Display/Modify properties.

clear – Clear console.

levels – Level Cheats.

levels -unlock – Unlock all phases. Jump to any phase with this cheat. Some achievements may not be gained if you choose to use this code.

history – Gives you a list of your last commands.

spaceCreate – Unlocks and recharges creation tools while playing in space.

pauseUIVisible – Sets or toggles whether the pause frame is drawn.

toggleCaptureUI – Toggles UI for image capture.

movie – Video cheat.

styleFilter – Unique Spore look.

styleFilter -filmNoir

styleFilter -oilpaint – oil paint look.

styleFilter -none – remove style filter.

universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency [number] – adjust the number of times pirates can raid your system.

universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency [number] – adjust the number of times pirates can steal spice from your system.

universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency [number] – adjust the number of times pirates can raid allies in your system.

quit – Quit game.

setConsequenceTrait(add a trait name) – Add any of the following names after setConsequenceTrait without the brackets.

cell carnivore

Will Wright’s Spinning Head – Click the Galaxy, zoom out and start spinning the galaxy, do it for a few seconds and Will Wright’s head will begin to appear spinning around.






addDNA -> Add 150 DNA points
help -> List console commands
Find the head of Will Wright -> When in Creature Creator, click View Galaxy, and spin the galaxy (use your mouse to click, drag, then let go or use the arrows [left] and [right]). If you can spin the galaxy fast enough, Will Wright’s head will appear.





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